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I have made several short as well as long fieldtrips.
Some of them on my one, some with friends or family and some with photographers who have the same interest for nature as I have.
To me there are two approaches when planning a fieldtrip. Either a location is selected as when a family-holiday is planned or a specific species is choisen and the location will depent on that choise. Regardless of this the best results are achieved if both location and species are thoroughly studied before departure. Nowadays the internet is a valuable resourse when exploring new habitats or species, but getting in contact with local people already familiar with the subjects of the trip is so much better, and best of all of course is to have a local guide available.

On my two recent trips I visited Hornborga Lake in Sweden and Helgoland in the Northsee. Both destinations were new to me, and they were both all about birds.

At Hornborga in Sweden thousands of cranes every year rest on their way from their winter quarters in Spain to their breeding grounds. They usually stay for a week or two to eat, dance and rest.
The ones that are heading furthest north arrive last, as they have to wait until spring arrives at their final destination. At most, there can be more than 10,000 cranes here on any day during the Crane Dance. In 2009 a new record was set at 18.500 cranes.
I went there with two other naturephotographers to spend a day in one of the hide-outs available for rent - an awesome experience highly recommended.

The second trip to Helgoland was made with my wife and another couple. The subject of the trip was a miniholyday especially for the wifes and to get really close to the gannets and seals of Helgoland and DŁnen for the photographers. Both goals were achieved.

More to come ....

Common Crane, Grus grus

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